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Hiring Advice Attracting candidates Writing Job Offer Letters: The Ultimate Guide for HR
Writing Job Offer Letters: The Ultimate Guide for HR

Writing Job Offer Letters: The Ultimate Guide for HR

So, your quest in finding the perfect candidate is finally complete; after vetting through hundreds of applicants and conducting multiple interviews with shortlisted candidates.


The next important step is to seal the deal, by officially offering the lucky candidate the position through a formal offer letter. An offer letter is the beginning of an employment relationship, therefore it is crucial for you to draft it with a positive note. In addition, it acts as a legal document for employment so be sure that the terms and conditions outlined in the letter are what you and your company can represent.


Types of offer letter

Generally, job offers these days are delivered in two ways; an informal soft copy version send through an email where the message is clearly delivered in the email body itself, or a formal version drafted on a proper hard copy paper as the official offer letter and presented to the candidate in person. Either way, the objective of the offer letter is to confirm the employment and officially secure your candidate.


Tips on writing an offer letter

Under normal circumstances, you would have verbally informed the chosen candidate on the offer, discussed the terms and negotiated your final offer prior to drafting the letter. This would make it easier for you to set the tone and outline some of the important points in your offer letter. The content of each offer letter may vary depending on the position, job description, the type of employment, remuneration range, benefits coverage and work schedules.


Nevertheless, a standard offer letter (regardless on the types of offer letter) would look like the sample below and cover most of the following important information:

Name Address   Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Miss [Name of candidate],   Congratulate/compliment the candidate: On behalf of [company name], I am delighted to offer you the position of [position title]. We have been impressed with your work experience and skills as demonstrated by you during the course of your interview. We believe that you will be a valuable asset to our company.   Position title: If you are to accept this offer, you will be [position title] and shall be based at [office location]. Your position will report to [manager name and title].   Start date: We would like you to start work on [employment/date of commence]. However, if this date is not workable to you, please contact me immediately.   Job description: As you are aware, this is a [permanent/part-time/contract] position. Please find the complete job description as attached along with this email/letter.   Hours of work: You are expected to deliver [number of hours] hours of work per week and your work hours will be from [time] to [time] from [day] to [day].   Probation period: You will be required to serve a minimum of [number of months] months’ probationary period. During this time, either party will have the right to terminate the employment by giving [one/two] weeks’ written notice.   Remuneration and bonus (or commission): You will be paid a [monthly/weekly] salary of [salary amount] by [mode of payment]. Subject to your work performance and continued employment with [company name], you may be eligible for an annual performance bonus.   Health benefits: You are entitled to the Company’s [state details on the medical insurance benefits/dental/vision] insurance health benefits.   Leave entitlements: As an employee, you will be allocated a total of [number of leave] days of annual paid leaves and [number of leave] days of sick leave.   Other benefits/expenses: The Company will reimburse you for [state other benefits/expenses] on a monthly basis as per the company policy.   Deadline: To officially accept this offer, kindly sign the enclosed copy of this letter and return the same to us by [date].   If you have any concerns or need further assistance, please feel free to contact me at [contact details]. We look forward to welcoming you aboard.   Sincerely,   [Sender name and title]


This format, which covers most of the important elements in a typical offer letter, is suitable for positions ranging from low to mid-level and for jobs that have a decent range of salary, benefits and other standard terms. However, if you do require a more complicated or extensive version than this standard format, always consult your employment law attorney to best protect your interest and to ensure that your company abide by the local employment law.

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